Other Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Other Core Leadership Offerings

Assessment for Selection or Development
Our approach to assessment is high touch, customized, and focused on a client’s unique business context and leadership needs. We conduct assessments for selection or individual development, primarily at the senior executive level. Our assessment session involves an in-depth biographical interview and deep dive into the candidate’s career and education, core motivations and drivers, and early life experiences which have shaped their leadership style. We assess candidates to determine fit and readiness for role as well as for future development. The process is designed to elicit hard data about performance and achievements, and uncover the psychological characteristics which underpin a leader’s success or failures. To complement the in-person interview, we utilize psychometric testing which taps into personality, motivations and values, problem solving style, and potential gaps that could derail performance.

Executive Coaching
Coaching is a proven means of executive development, used in a variety of different contexts. Leaders may be transitioning from a very senior level role to a CEO position, or to a more demanding role that requires a shift in leadership style. They may require the support of a coach who can help them gain greater insight about themselves, hold them accountable to structured behavior change, and help them measure the impact of their leadership characteristics on their organization and industry. By identifying the derailers and enablers of an individual’s leadership style, our leadership consultants provide executive coaching with focused, actionable goals and measures to ensure development and progression.

Team Effectiveness (C-suite & Board)
The effectiveness or dysfunction of a team can have a dramatic effect on business performance. Each team and organization has its own unique dynamics and culture; therefore our approach is never off the shelf. When working with a team, we identify the collective strengths and development items, areas of untapped performance and significant blockers to success, and build a bespoke program to ensure the team is aligned around business objectives, understands how to deliver, and is effective in managing internal and external relationships.

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