Service Offerings

Compensation and Performance Benchmarking

  • Provide baseline competitive market data on the compensation practices of one or multiple customized peer groups
  • Evaluate all main components of compensation for executive, senior, and mid-level professionals, as well as Board members
  • Compare existing program design to industry, peer, and best practices and real-time market trends
  • Use resulting data and findings to provide commentary, considerations, and potential changes that are client-specific

Comprehensive Compensation Program Design

  • Build consensus on an appropriate philosophy and strategy for future compensation levels, opportunities, and incentive plan designs
  • Establish base salary structure and administration guidelines for use across the organization and within each department and level
  • Design annual and long-term incentive plans that are competitive with industry norms and peer practices, and customized to align with a company’s unique ownership, strategy, organizational structure, and compensation philosophy and objectives
  • Build out incentive plan designs across all key design elements, including (but not limited to) award vehicle, measurement period, performance metrics/criteria, award opportunities, calculation system, eligibility, vesting/payment schedule, and treatment of awards under various termination scenarios
  • Assist in documentation, presentation, implementation, and administration of new program Board of Directors Compensation Program Design
  • Design Board and committee retainer arrangements, meeting fees, and equity-based compensation utilizing baseline competitive market data
  • Develop Board compensation programs including cash and equity mix and share ownership guidelines

Customized Surveys & Market Assessments

  • Develop tailored surveys targeting specific market data within a confined market segment
  • Provide market competitive research in areas such as long-term incentive vehicle utilization, share authorization and overhang issues, management ownership levels, and non-traditional or “synthetic” long-term incentive vehicles

Additional Services

  • Employment Agreements, Severance, and Change in Control Arrangements
  • Benchmark terms and conditions of management employment agreements
  • Define competitive market approaches to severance, employment, and change in control agreements
  • Tally Sheets
  • Develop an itemized breakdown of total compensation packages including salary, bonus, equity compensation, retirement benefits, perquisites, equity holdings, and contractual obligations
  • Termination Scenario Analysis
  • Project the potential financial impact of executive departures which occur as a result of retirement, voluntary and involuntary termination, change-of-control, or other circumstances

Compensation Consulting

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