Compensation Consulting

FPL Associates provides compensation consulting services to companies in the real estate and related financial services industries. As part of our compensation services, we assist clients in the assessment, design, and implementation of compensation programs for members of the C-suite, executive/senior management team, mid-level and junior ranks, and Board. We specialize in benchmarking compensation levels, evaluating existing pay programs and practices, and designing annual and long-term incentive plans. Our vast experience in the real estate industry allows us to craft performance management and reward systems that align management interests with the achievement of strategic and financial objectives.

Critical to the success of every project we undertake is obtaining a thorough understanding of the client’s goals, operations, and organizational structure. After a comprehensive review of the historical pay philosophy, compensation practices are benchmarked against those in place within a group of comparable real estate companies and across the broader real estate industry. We then generate a report of findings summarizing all competitive benchmarking data. From here, we work with the client to recommend adjustments to compensation programs and specific incentive plan designs that support their compensation philosophy.

Why FPL Compensation Consulting

Real estate industry knowledge. Our real estate experience and focus have allowed us to develop a unique understanding of the financial, operational, and broad economic dynamics impacting the industry. Our extensive industry relationships and ability to gather relevant information enable us to understand trends in compensation and their implications for our clients that cross over industry boundaries.

Compensation program design expertise. We recognize that compensation programs profoundly impact organizational success and that performance is greatly shaped by how total reward systems are designed, communicated, and managed. Through our compensation services, we develop effective reward programs that align business strategies, financial resources, stakeholder interests, and compensation philosophies to help clients attract, motivate, and retain top talent. These services include working with companies to determine the “right” salary structure, annual incentive/bonus plan, and long-term incentive plan for a specific company, situation, and team.

Thoughtful, reflective advice. Our genuine concern for the long-term success of every client has earned us the role of trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading real estate and financial services companies. Our advice is based on a wealth of market data, deep experience, a clear understanding of business strategy, and a thorough knowledge of industry dynamics. FPL’s advice is developed using an approach and process that is customized to fit each client’s specific situation and objectives.

Industry-leading data resources. Our extensive relationships and significant experience give us a distinct competitive advantage in accessing non-public data and understanding the business fundamentals that drive enterprise and portfolio performance. Through industry-sponsored and independent proprietary surveys, we have unparalleled access to relevant industry-competitive compensation and program design information. The result is one of the most comprehensive databases of its kind in the industry, covering over 500,000 individual data points with information on over 650 positions and 2,000 companies worldwide.

Compensation Consulting

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